Never during this EP does our heroine come off like a diva, though she certainly has the chops to blow several of them out of the water. What's most impressive about her vocal performance throughout the course of the record is Zavalis' ability to focus not just on power, but supplying the nuance. And it's that subtlety that makes this EP shine.
If Zavalis continues on this assault she very well could end up on the same path as names like Carrie Underwood and Celine Dion.
-- Jason Tanamor for Yahoo! Voices
In my humble opinion Gina Zavalis is THE next great American voice. Her sheer talent and presence alone will win you over but just wait until you hear the girl sing... Remember I told you so when she is headlining the universe!
-- Joe Bonsall of the legendary Oak Ridge Boys
Her powerful, entrancing vocals have been compared to noted industry divas as Celine Dion and Barbara Streisand, lending both strength and momentum to the upcoming musical star's climb to success. Be sure to keep an eye on this one, she is sure to go far with her spectacular music talents.
-- Nashville Music Guide
Wow, what a voice! That's the best we heard all year!
-- Baseball Hall of Famer Tom Seaver of Gina Zavalis singing the National Anthem
In her new song, "In Your Eyes," Gina Zavalis' warm tones invite listeners to travel with her on the journey from despair to forgiveness. Her voice, plaintive at first, soars to brilliance as she captures the moment of transformation–a moment of pure freedom. Introspective, brutally honest, Gina conveys a very human moment: the desire for unconditional love, even amid one's flaws.
-- The LA Guitar Academy
...she displays the potential to be simultaneously both intimately powerful and powerfully intimate. No one's pulled that off since Streisand... she could be the next great American voice.
-- Vivoscene
Gina can wrap herself around a song, and in so doing, turns an ordinary POPsicle into a downright CREAMsicle!
-- Sass Jordan - Singer/Songwriter, Juno Award winning artist and former Canadian Idol host
Beautiful melody, nice strong chorus. Gina obviously has a good grasp of the craft; very impressive...
-- Beth Schackne of Schack Attack Songs
... a big, very emotive, powerful voice ... this lady is one of a kind ... The looks, brains and talent to go far, global fame must sure be coming!
-- Andrew Goodman of New Music Ear
Gina Zavalis is an iHeartRadio "New Discover & Uncover" Artist!