Life With A Twist - Spotlight On! - Gina Zavalis - Premier Episode [Radio Interview]

July 25, 2010
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L.Kimberly Smith & Julian Green welcome you to Life With A Twist, the variety show that helps you turn your everyday life into an extraordinary experience! Today is the premier of Life With A Twist - Spotlight On! Spotlight On! features talented and inspirational artists, musicians, singers, authors, and filmmakers.

We are honored to have as our guest today Gina Zavalis, passionate, talented, singer and songwriter compared to vocal queens like Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion. Gina has a mind-blowing vocal style of her own and she has her debut cd out now titled Gina Zavalis. We are looking forward to speaking with Gina about her life, her gift for music and her inspirations. So sit back with your wine, cocktail, cup of tea, and join us for a musically awesome time! You can listen to Gina's music and find out more about this beautiful and talented singer at

Gina Zavalis is an iHeartRadio "New Discover & Uncover" Artist!