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If You Want To Know Where Your Heart Is Look To Where Your Mind Goes When It Wanders - Bernard Byer

Saturday, May 05, 2012

If You Want To Know Where Your Heart Is Look To Where Your Mind Goes When It Wanders – Bernard Bye

Well, here I am with my very first blog. I always imagined my first blog would be about music, singing or songwriting. However, I am pleasantly surprised it's not. Of course, those blogs will come in time because I know most of you have asked for them :)

For now, I wanted to be honest and write about what's truly on my mind. Today, on my Facebook page I posted, "Re-evaluating people in my life. This is my idea of spring cleaning."  To my surprise, I received 18 "likes" so far. This made me think about how this really resonated with a lot of people – not just little old me sitting here in Brooklyn, NY.

Those of you who have been with me for a long time know that I am a deep thinker and a very pensive person.  Needless to say, I've been consumed with this thought all day. There will be people in your life everyday who feel a need to tear you down for no reason just to watch you fall. Although I must admit it's quite comforting to know I'm not the only one who feels this way, it's also quite disheartening.

I figured the only way to resolve it is to take action. Take a moment to really think about this word: action. The concept of cleaning out your closet of people in your life who are negative & have hurt you, etc. This will pierce your heart, cause pain, create anger and vulnerable moments but in the end, those people in your life who drain you of precious energy and don't treat you the way you deserve will be gone. Isn't that the point? These are the people in your life who are literally like poison. They disable you from pursuing your dreams, criticize you and hold you back.  They drain you from positive energy and inject negative energy into you, which will keep you from pursuing your gifts and what you were put on this earth to do.  They will attempt to strip the confidence from you by putting you down, refusing to support you and ultimately destroying your dreams – if you let them.

I now refer back to the title of this blog. "If You Want To Know Where You Heart Is Look To Where Your Mind Goes When It Wanders" – Bernard Byer

Let your mind be free. Take quiet time. Be still. Allow yourself to wander and take a break to daydream. Go to the beach and put your feet in the sand. Feel the cool sand under your feet, breathe in the ocean air and clear your head (okay, that's what I do!). Not near a beach? Take a walk, go to a park. Or, go to your favorite spot to chill out and take a rest (I prefer Starbucks!)

Clarity will keep everything moving in your life, but you must allow yourself to take the steps to achieve it in order to move on and take action.  Sometimes it takes baby steps, but that's better than your feet stuck in cement.

Don't allow anyone or anything from holding you back from your aspirations, goals, dreams, and passions…your life.  You create your life with the choices you make. Don't allow anyone to tear you down. Let your mind wander. Trust your heart.  Trust your gut. Go where it tells you to and work very hard to reach your goals and you can do anything.

Most of all, keep all of the haters and negativity in all forms out of your life for good. If there are some that you can't avoid, then take them in small doses (and I mean tiny!).

Always remember: Rejection Is Protection.

Get inspired. Trust yourself. Hug yourself. Love yourself. You deserve it.

Love xo,


P.S. – For any of you wondering, yes, I DID write a song revolving around this theme today! :) 

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