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January 14, 2013
This season, I've had so much to reflect on and be grateful for. 2012 has been very good to me and if 2013 is anything like it, I'll be a very lucky, blessed girl. Thanks to the support and encouragement you provide on a daily basis, I am able to sing and share my gifts. This has paved the way for many doors to open and here are some that have allowed me into their world during 2012... [ read full blog ]
November 23, 2012
When I received a phone call from my Elite Marketing Contact, who informed me that Fordham University was interested in having me perform the National Anthem and God Bless America for their menís basketball team and their womenís basketball games Ė I was more than elated. You see, this was much more than about the menís basketball team being a marquee team whose games are on National CBS Sports TV and the YES Network on cable. More than a team who is among the best in college basketball, playing against the best college basketball teams around. It goes deeper than that. I am a Fordham alumnus. [ read full blog ]
October 25, 2012
I never realized how many of you were NASCAR fans until I announced I was singing for the "OneMain Financial 200 NASCAR Nationwide Series RaceĒ at the Dover International Speedway, to be aired live on ESPN on September 29th, 2012! Many of you have asked me questions about my day, many with specific details. Well, here I am and Iím going to do the best I can to describe how everything went. [ read full blog ]
July 01, 2012
As you all know I ran a contest a few weeks ago, asking you to tell me what you want my next blog to be about. The winner was Andrea Harkins Kelly! Here is what she wanted me to talk about: "What Drives You to Pursue Your Dream and How Have You Tackled Adversity Along The Way?" [ read full blog ]
May 05, 2012
Well, here I am with my very first blog. I always imagined my first blog would be about music, singing or songwriting. However, I am pleasantly surprised it's not. Of course, those blogs will come in time because I know most of you have asked for them. :) For now, I wanted to be honest and write about what's truly on my mind. Today, on my Facebook page I posted, "Re-evaluating people in my life. This is my idea of spring cleaning." To my surprise, I received 18 "likes" so far. This made me think about how this really resonated with a lot of people - not just little old me sitting here in Brooklyn, NY. [ read full blog ]
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